Personal Faith in the Public Sphere

Who is Dr. Greg Thompson?

Greg Thompson is the Director of Research and Strategy at Clayborn Reborn, an initiative restoring the historic Clayborn Temple in Memphis, TN.  Before serving at Clayborn, Greg was the Senior Pastor of Trinity Presbyterian Church in Charlottesville, VA, and CEO of Thriving Cities Group, a social impact consulting firm that aligns impact investors and entrepreneurs around shared data and a shared vision for human thriving in their city. Greg also served as Executive Director of New City Commons, an education and consulting firm that equips institutional leaders for the work of nurturing thriving communities, and was an Associate Fellow at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Culture at the University of Virginia, where he wrote his Ph.D. dissertation on Martin Luther King, Jr. and the American democratic imagination.

In addition to the events below, Greg will preach at Geneva Campus Church on Sunday, November 11 in our 10 AM service.

November 8, 2018


RUF Meeting

7:30pm (Location TBD)

Join RUF and Dr. Greg Thompson (former Campus Minister for RUF at the University of Virginia) as we begin our weekend together by entering into the ancient Christian practice of evening prayer, song, and teaching. *This session is for students only.*

November 9, 2018


Lunchtime Workshop "A Way Forward: Six Important Practices for the Church In Our Time"

12:00pm @ Upper House

Our time is a complicated one, and in the midst of this complication the Church has often struggled to find its identity as the world around it has changed with amazing speed.  This poses for us a question: What does this require of the leaders of the Church? Join Dr. GregThompson as he leads a workshop designed both to map our cultural moment and chart a faithful way forward in our secular age, identifying six fundamental practices we must recover to be faithful ministers and leaders in Christ's Church.  Q&A to follow.

*This session is for any local ministry leaders, lunch provided.*

Evening Plenary Address "The Greatest of These Is Love: Recovering the Voice of MLK for Our Time"

7:00pm @ Upper House

The relationship between personal faith and participation in the public sphere has always been a source of tension in American life, and our current political climate has only served to amplify the importance of this relationship.  In the long history of this tension, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. stands out as a profound and powerful figure who sought to pursue the political implications of personal faith.  Join Civil Rights scholar Dr. Greg Thompson as he leads an exploration of the oft-quoted, and oft-misunderstood, religious and political work of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Q&A to follow. 

*This session is for students, faculty, and community members*

November 10, 2018


Lunchtime Workshop "Cultivating Sustainable Faith in College"

12:00pm @ Upper House

Cultivating spiritual practices that can withstand the transition from college life to working life is a challenge.  But it is an important part of cultivating sustainable faith through practices which serve to deepen your communion with God once you've left campus.  Join Dr. Greg Thompson as he leads a roundtable discussion designed to equip students with tools to experience and sustain life with God.  

*This event is presented by RUF, but open to students from any and all campus ministries.*