our beliefs & values

Geneva wholeheartedly embraces the good news of historic Christian faith: that, in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth, God has acted to redeem and restore the cosmos he has created.

We find freedom in embracing robust, historic Christian faith, expressed in three ancient creeds:

And in three historic confessions:

Geneva is...

  • Holistic: We seek to serve God in all spheres of life: in our homes and our careers; in academia, industry, and art; in our care for creation; in seeking justice for the oppressed; and in fellowship with one another.
  • Sacramental: We offer God our worship through a liturgy designed to tell the story and re-enact the drama of God's redeeming love and grace.
  • Reformed: Our church belongs to the Christian Reformed Church, a vibrant, multi-ethnic denomination. The CRC holds its major beliefs and teachings in common with Christians everywhere, with a focus on: the triune God as our Creator, creation and humanity as good but broken by sin, and Christ as our only Redeemer.