Serving the campus

Geneva welcomes, encourages, and equips undergraduate and graduate students, as well as faculty and staff, from the University of Wisconsin and other local colleges. Our students go out to serve in many different fields around the world, having been helped through Geneva to connect their vocation with their life in the body of Christ. For more information about Geneva's campus ministry, contact Pastor Jim Kirk.

Vocation | Formation

Through a generous grant from the Lilly Foundation, Geneva offers students a variety of opportunities to engage questions of vocation, academic study, spiritual formation, and career development. At Geneva Campus Church we believe that all of us are called to live and work in service to God, displaying the gifts he’s provided, contributing to the life of our families, churches and communities. Our Vocation Formation program strives to provide undergraduates with the conceptual and practical resources to discern their calling with thoughtful exploration, prayer, and conversation. See the calendar for upcoming events.

In addition to welcoming students, faculty, and staff into the life of the church, Geneva supports campus ministry both locally and nationally. Meet some of our campus ministry workers below!

  • Adam jeske

    intervarsity christian fellowship

    After years of service in Nicaragua, China, and South Africa, Adam now serves as one of InterVarsity’s vice presidents, leading Communications and Marketing. Living with friends in hard places overseas has greatly shaped how he understands life, ethics, discipleship, and the Bible. In his current role, Adam leads a team of 25 creative professionals to amplify what God is doing through InterVarsity on over 650 campuses. Together, they produce tools to help colleagues and student leaders reach out, grow deep disciples, and tell stories of what God is doing on campus.

    Adam grew up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin and was a first-generation college student, earning honors in Spanish and Religious Studies at UW-Madison. He married Chrissy before his senior year, and after graduation, they headed down to Nicaragua, living in a village of 40 families with no electricity, no well, and no transportation except a 30-year-old tractor, trying to figure out what Jesus meant when he said, “Blessed are the poor.” Then, they taught English in northwest China for two years. And after adding Phoebe and Ezekiel to the family, they followed Jesus’ call to South Africa where they directed a pilot microfinance program and taught in a small local seminary. Phoebe is now 13, Ezekiel’s 11, Chrissy’s a professor of anthropology, and Adam’s stoked about it all.

    Adam rides his bike a lot, has solar panels, raises pigs and chickens, and enjoys fermenting things, including bread, beer, and yogurt. Adam and Chrissy together wrote This Ordinary Adventure: Settling Down Without Settling (IVP).

  • nicole chiu lwin

    intervarsity christian fellowship

    Nicole is a Midwest woman through-and-through, born and raised in the Chicago suburbs, attended college at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, and ended up in Madison by working at Epic Systems after her undergraduate career.

    Nicole now serves as Campus Staff Member at the University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW) for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. Her primary responsibility is to serve as advisor, discipler, and evangelist to Asian American undergraduate students (AAIV) at the UW. She is glad and grateful to be sent and supported by Geneva as she joyfully witnesses the transformative work of Jesus on campus. To learn more about AAIV, go to:

  • isaac redinger

    intervarsity christian fellowship

    Isaac serves at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire. Since graduating in 2016 with a degree in Social Work, Isaac has returned to campus fifteen months later as InterVarsity campus staff. In this role, Isaac coaches members of the student-leadership team, trains students in inductive manuscript Bible study, mentors students in spiritual development, and equips students in evangelism in their context. Two parts of campus work that Isaac is passionate about are discipling men in their male identity to grow closer to Jesus, and giving students the opportunity to know and follow Jesus as Lord.

    Born and raised in Madison, Isaac has known Geneva Campus Church as an important “church home” even after he moved to Eau Claire. Geneva is the church where he first experienced significant church hospitality, corporate devotion, and biblical teaching. This has not only helped shape his perspective on church, but has also been an important part of his faith and ministry foundation. Beyond Geneva, God has also used other experiences, such as his ministry through Ontario Pioneer Camp, to shape and call him toward campus ministry with InterVarsity.

  • katie ziegler

    intervarsity christian fellowship

    Katie is a script writer and project developer for twenty-one-hundred productions, IV’s multimedia creative production department.

    Today’s college students are part of a fast-paced, sophisticated, and highly visual media culture. 2100’s mission is to create and use media to influence the hearts and minds of students in the university world with the gospel of Jesus Christ, encouraging them to follow Jesus as Savior and Lord, understand themselves and their culture more clearly, and live responsibly in relation to God, creation and other people. Using video, photography, and graphics, 2100 translates biblical ideas to visual media so that students can receive the good news through contemporary channels in a compelling, credible, and clear voice.