getting help & care

Our desire is to walk alongside those who are experiencing difficult life situations, whether physical, financial, spiritual or emotional. We believe relationships foster the best context in which to do that. Help and care is available at Geneva in the following ways.

Pastoral Care. The pastors and elders of Geneva are available for counseling and prayer. They are also happy to discuss questions of faith, practice, and ways you can engage the life of the congregation. If you are in need of pastoral help, please contact a pastor or elder, or call the church office at 608-616-0301.

Mercy Ministry. The deacons of Geneva are regularly working to help those inside and outside our church during times of physical and financial difficulty. They are ready to aide those struggling to pay for rent, food, counseling, and other medical expenses. They can also refer to resources for help in other areas, including budgeting and basic life skills, taxes, and even moving. A deacon will spend time praying with you and assessing how the church can best help you. If you are in need of help, please contact the church office.

Meal Ministry. One way that we serve one another at Geneva is by offering meals to families during times of sickness, moving, and other life events. If you know someone who could use a meal or if you would like to volunteer to help, please email to be connected with our Meal Coordinator.