The Arts @ Geneva

"The arts are not the pretty but irrelevant bits around the border of reality. They are the highways into the center of a reality which cannot be glimpsed, let alone grasped, any other way."  N.T. Wright

At Geneva we believe that music and the arts are gifts of God and indispensable to human flourishing.

Worship Arts

If you are interested in using your gifts to contribute to the music ministry of Geneva, please contact our Artist-in-Residence, Micah Behr.

Visual Arts

Geneva's Visual Arts team exists to offer opportunities for artists of all ages and abilities to participate in church-wide projects. Here are some of our recent projects. To get involved, email the Art Team.

The Geneva Bluegrass Band

The Geneva Bluegrass Band is an informal and occasional gathering of musicians who enjoy playing at parties & picnics. To get involved, contact Anton Vermaak.